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  • Rea Averill

Exciting New Client: Obicà

We are excited to confirm our partnership with Obicà Mozarella Bar, Pizza e Cucina.

With restaurants in Italy, UK, US and Japan - each restaurant share the same passion; good Italian food made with high-quality and fresh ingredients.

We will be working closely with Francesco Di Filippo; Marketing Manager for UK & US to execute a (delicious) Influencer Marketing Campaign to increase awareness of the restaurants in London & New York.

We'll partner with exciting content creators; experts in curating social-first collateral that showcase a genuine experience in their own unique style. These creators will visit the restaurants over the summer and document on their social channels.

A quick bite & a snap on the gram doesn't quite do justice to Obicà's extensive offering - our objective is to position the brand as a destination restaurant by:

  • Partnering with content creators who are creative by nature and always authentic with their audience.

  • Curating a campaign brief for the Content Creators that encourages creativity; favouring content creation that showcases an end-to-end experience at the restaurant Vs an insta-snap of a starter (!)

  • Multiple visits - you can't enjoy the extent of their menu in one visit (!) so it seems sensible, and strategic to work with content creators who are excited to be fully immersed in the brand's offering.

...launching soon. Watch this space!

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