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Hard Rock Cafe's signature series of merchandise: John Lennon 'Imagine there's no hunger' collection

Updated: May 14, 2021

Our client Hard Rock Cafe have launched a new signature series of merchandise, celebrating the 50th anniversary of John Lennon's 'Imagine' album. Introducing the ‘Imagine there’s no hunger’ collection where 30% of the proceeds support non-profit 'Why Hunger' on their mission to end hunger.

The collection includes male & female t-shirts, a mini guitar, hat & pin.

Shot on the streets of Shoreditch, we’re proud to see our creative content featured on the Hard Rock global social channels and website.

In addition shared on the @johnlennon platform to an audience of 2.2million.

Our Creative's, Vojtech & Georgina share their tips on capturing content - merchandise mode!

'My top tip is to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. Less posey photographs are always better therefore capturing photos in movement is the perfect approach'

- Vojtech

'Scout the area for the most colourful locations - it always makes for a fun photo!'

- Georgina

To check out the collection - click here.

We support the terrific Team at Hard Rock International with Creative Content for Social Media and Web; photography, graphic design and videography.

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