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  • Beth Green, Social Media Lead

How to grow your health & wellness brand on Social Media?

Today we’re chatting about our Partners Cru8 - a small brand that are big on flavour. Cru8 craft a variety of breads and sweet treats, with a keto, paleo, plant-based spin. We’re proud to support Cru8 with social media management, creative content, paid media and ambassador marketing. Read on for a sneak peek into what goes on behind the ‘gram.

Community first, selling second.

Ok, so we of course understand that social, especially Instagram, is essentially a virtual shop window. However, you know when you walk past a shop or restaurant and the staff do all they can to get you inside? Or when they won’t leave you alone when you just want to browse? It’s off-putting, right? We find it’s the same thing on social. By overloading viewers with relentless selling strategies and call to actions, you’re going to see them bolt for the door - or in this case, the unfollow button.

Social, is just that. It’s social.

With Cru8 we focused our efforts on building a community and earning the trust of our engagers. We share educational pieces on health and wellbeing. We feature recipes and cooking tips. We re-post user-generated content. We approach our viewers as friends, using an affable, relaxed tone of voice. Most importantly, we share content with a ‘no strings attached’ mentality. As a result, we’ve seen Instagram engagements increase by 21% in the last month and followers grow by 87% over the past 5 months.

Be recognisable.

When marketing a small business it’s essential to showcase what you have to offer in a cohesive way. Not everyone knows your name yet - but that’s ok. The goal is to carve out your own piece of the social-verse. Picking up those people that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer as you go. Although the Cru8 creative is varied - we feature a mix of graphics, photography and video - we ensure to keep to a set of branded guidelines. The photography style is consistently clean, bright and colourful, and all graphics feature the same fonts and colours. We’re aiming to be varied enough to keep viewers engaged, but recognisable enough that when you scroll across a Cru8 post, you know it’s a Cru8 post.


What makes any small business unique? The people. A growing enterprise is built upon the ideas and goals of the individuals behind them. When you get down to it, they know the business better than anyone else. Put them to the forefront, showcase their enthusiasm and expertise.

Founded by Alexi von Eldik, the inspiration for Cru8 came from healing her own health crisis, including pre-diabetes and depression. With a masters degree in psychology, focusing on how food affects work productivity and well being, Alexi knows her stuff. Cru8 is a product of both passion and education and we’re keen to highlight that. On social, we regularly feature recipes, quotes, photos and story takeovers led and inspired by the Cru8 team.

We are proud to support Alexi & her wonderful team with Creative, Social Media Management, Paid Social and Ambassador Marketing. Check them out on Instagram here.

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