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  • Michael Hardwick

Moda Furnishings Mother's Day Campaign

Leading outdoor living retailer, Moda Furnishings launched their second 12 month Ambassador Campaign at the start of 2022.

Since then, we've secured 7 celebrity partnerships & have onboarded 14 Brand Ambassadors; set to scale over the next few months.

With Spring in full swing and Summer on the way, Brand Ambassadors captured the ultimate outdoor living experience over Mother's Day Weekend; shared on social to their audience of home & living enthusiasts.

Furniture, food, flowers made for an aesthetic collection of content - backed by those all-important social stats:

  • 4 Ambassador content pieces (posts)

  • A combined audience reach of 70,000 followers

  • Over 52,000 audience views

  • A top-performing content piece amassed 20,800 views, 64 saves + 26,200 views across Instagram stories.

Keep your eyes peeled on Moda Furnishing's Instagram for outdoor-living inspiration & exciting campaigns upcoming.

Read about how to increase your audience by 30 million - Moda's 2021 Ambassador campaign here.

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