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Tips & Tricks for Landing a Job in Digital Marketing

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Tips For Landing Digital Marketing Job

Hi University Students and Recent Grads!

Are you looking for a job and feeling frustrated? We hear you. Finding the right role is tough enough, and that's before you add a global pandemic and an awkward ‘you’re on mute’ interview moment into the mix! Over the last few months our Team has been approached by a number of clever, creative grads, as well as aspiring students, who have asked for guidance on getting a foot in the door. This inspired us to kickstart ‘Social Sessions’, a supporting series of informal panel discussions, hosted by the Agency A team, where our industry friends tell you all about their experiences, slide you some top tips and answer your burning questions.

So, join us round the virtual campfire on Tuesday 26th January for our first session:

‘How Do I Get My Foot in the Door?'. The event is online (Zoom) at 2PM - 3PM.

It'll be relaxed, informal and free! ANYONE can join - simply email and you'll receive a Zoom link.


Rebecca Hollis - Founder of Growth Tank Method Rebecca has grown a powerful LinkedIn community; sharing relatable, uplifting and expansive thinking. Her success here has led her to launching her own company Growth Tank Method - a platform that will support implementation of personal growth. Rebecca will share valuable insight on building an effective and authentic personal brand and presence on social.

Toby Hart - Co-Founder & Director of Nusa Films

Nusa Films is a social-first production company based in East London. Having started out making YouTube videos in his bedroom, Toby now directs and produces thumb stopping video content for brands; Sports Direct, Vodafone and McLaren.. to name a few.

Toby will share his experience in the Creative Industry; how he's used online networking to build Nusa Films portfolio & how Nusa Films works with talented creative freelancers.

Rea Averill - CEO of Agency A We are a creative digital marketing agency supporting clients with content creation, social media management, paid media, influencer marketing and digital newsletters. An ambitious Team of 8 and proud to support clients; Hyatt, Hard Rock Cafe and Abundance & Health amongst others. Rea will be sharing her experience from University - Agency A; tips and tricks for landing a job in Digital Marketing.

The online event will be held on Tuesday 26th January at 2 PM - 3 PM. ANYONE can join - simply email and you'll receive a Zoom link.


This event is hosted in proud partnership with Pearson Business School.

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