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  • Michael Hardwick

Top Tips for tackling TikTok

With TikTok being predicted to reach 755 million monthly users in 2022, is it any wonder brands are jumping on the channel to enjoy a piece of the pie?

Our Influencer Marketing Manager, Michael Hardwick hosted 'Tackling TikTok' Lunch & Learn at The Ministry offices to an audience of marketing agencies and creative businesses.

The stats, interesting facts & nailing 'how to' TikTok - attendees were encouraged to share experiences for discussion.

An overwhelming 70% of attendees considered the platform the 'fun outlet' for a marketing campaign - key reasoning being that authenticity is important (and works!) - something we live and breathe in our day to day work at Agency A!

We discussed the rise of Influencer Marketing on the app, with the demand to monetise content being at an all-time high, due to TikTok’s unique AI being able to reach large pools of different demographics at one time. In 2021, 'The New York Times' reported that a trend around #BookTok where young people spoke about their favourite books, significantly drove sales of literature, to the point publishers used the platform across Influencer Marketing.

Finally, we compared it to Instagram, and in short:

  • Massive potential for organic reach

  • Snackable content, reels are similar, but don’t compare

  • Gen-Z most active social platform

  • 62% of TikTok’s audience in 2021 were aged between 10-29 years, a core audience

Want to know about TikTok, or how to up your Influencer Marketing-game? We're open to University talks, school sessions company Lunch & Learns from May 2022 - be sure to get in touch:

Read more about our Influencer Marketing work here.

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